Who are we

What we want, and when do we want it.


We are Fk.

Founded because we give a Fk. and we know you do too. We want to help you and others like you care more for yourself and for others.

What we do.

To help you be happier, healthier and sexier.

Everything we do and everything we have is based on helping you live happier, be heathier and feel sexier. We only do what we believe in and we only carry things that we believe is good enough for us and for you.

What we want.

We want to build a community.
And a business that we can be proud of.

A community built around helping each other live happier, be healthier and feel sexier.

A place for us to share knowledge and experiences to build better relationships with ourselves and others.

A business that represents the values that we want to hold ourselves to. A business that helps you and us make a positive difference, no matter how small.

Our Services

We’re in the business of helping you feel good.


From simple content creation to campaigns. From video to still images and beyond, we power and execute your ideas form start to finish. Give us a cause to back and we’re 100% behind you.


Need to be heard? Need someone to empower your message and your product? We can create press releases and handle your media management giving you and your message the attention you deserve.


Have a product to launch or a soiree to throw? From large to small, private or public we handle everything from planning, sourcing to execution and management. We,ve done it before so we can definitely do it for you too.


Because we know you give a Fk. And life is difficult enough as it is so we want to create a community and a business that will help make life just a little bit easier for you.

For you to be happy.

For you to be healthy.

For you to be sexy.

A wise man once said “Be the change that you want to see” and we want to see people live life more consciously and aware. That living happily, being healthy and feeling sexy are all possible.

What we’re made of.


The Explorer & The Producer


The Altruist & The Creator


The Philosopher & The Strategist

Are you intrigued?
Are you looking for support for a cause?
Are you wanting to work together?

We’d love to find out. Please reach out to us, we’d love to hear from anyone with an opinion and a passion to create things and to help make the world and happier, healthier and sexier place.